ViewEE is a software to view PCB layouts in various formats. Currently supported are Cadsoft Eagle .brd , Kicad .kicad_pcb and gEDA .pcb formats.


Parser and renderer are not ideal. Some problems can be fixed (pad, via shapes), some — not (I don’t have an access to the eagle font). At current stage you will definitely face problem with thru hole pad shapes, arcs, rotated elements and text. Eagle parser have best quality, Kicad renders ok and gEDA pcb parser is quite basic.


Currently only 2layer boards are supported.

Reference rendering in version 0.2.0, current version is much better.

eagle rendering

kicad rendering

Mac OS X QuickLook plugin

You can install preview version of ViewEE for Mac OS X by downloading QuickLook plugin from releases page.

Download, unarchive, copy .qlgenerator file to the ~/Library/QuickLook/ folder.



Also you can use a javascript parser and renderer on your own page. Here is an example and repository.


Huge thanks to people who created the original version for Eagle board viewer and inspired me to fix some bugs and create derived software.