Board Images - scheduled for next release

Some time ago I’ve added some board images for IDE. But those images suitable for web and useless in GUI.

Seems fritzing have board images I want — converted from Eagle .brd files, with correct pins as svg objects, with xml descriptions and so on. Licensing is also suitable — seems those images is CC-BA.

Github project

Fork and generate your own! Detailed guide will be available soon.

Playground for some example boards

Currently board pin labels have some imperfections.

Work in progress

Currently I have:

  • script to display board pin labels for one board;
  • limited pin description for one board


  • show legend;
  • optimize description format;
  • check all other board images;
  • convert descriptions from fritzing;
  • verbosity level:
    • digital + analog + bus;
    • digital + analog + interrupt;
    • processor pins + flags
    • selectable
  • flag pins (pwm, analog read or write).

Other boards

RFduino also have board image for fritzing. Licensing is CC-BY-SA. I slightly modified pin headers and color (green => black).

due vector pinout