Posted January 31, 2015

Next milestone in cuwire IDE development. Integration features:

  • inline editor (brackets Quick Edit feature support)
  • symbol navigation in current file (only function list, Quick Find Definition brackets feature)
  • jump to function definition.

Those features is a little bit crappy, because function match use regexp and CodeMirror’s token parser. struct and class members is not supported at this time, will be supported eventually, and this is last ability of current implementation.

When Autocomplete story is finished, I will add proper symbol location routines using libclang, with current implementation as fast fallback.

Many other things fixes:

  • Serial port auto speed selection (not complete, see full story)
  • Serial port device name display
  • Error text selection in log
  • Vector board images (still useless, but have ports information)
  • cuwire API now is a separate project and used as a submodule