Platform: Atmel

ATmega Boards

Most of Arduino ATmega boards are supported if you just have Arduino IDE installed.

Teensy 2.x

Teensy 2.x are supported via Teensyduino — Patch for Arduino IDE. You can follow instruction on PJRC site to add Teensy support.

ATtiny boards — not tested yet

ATtiny boards is supported by third party hardware spec.

You can use guide to add ATtiny platform.

ATtiny projects links:


DigiSpark by DigiStump — not tested yet, board on way

DigiSpark is very small ATtiny board. DigiStump team released it’s own Arduino IDE clone for DigiSpark boards.

  1. change runtime.ide.path to runtime.hardware.path
  2. add tools

SAM (ARM architecture boards)

Arduino Due is tested, works fine.