cli guide

cuwire cli is available for Mac, Windows and Linux.


cuwire require to have installed:

Please install all above if you don’t have it installed already. Then, open terminal app and launch

npm install -g cuwire


cuwire compile -b <board name>
cuwire upload -b <board name> -p <port name>
cuwire ports
cuwire boards

Basic commands is compile, upload, ports, boards

For example, to compile and upload your sketch to plugged in Arduino Uno, go to sketch folder and run:

cuwire upload -b uno

You can see detailed guide and more examples at Usage section of documentation


How to use command line utility


Describes settings. You can set Arduino IDE custom location and per-folder sketch settings.


Supported and tested platforms, list of new platforms to check.

atmel nordic semi texas instruments intel stm freescale

Build Process

Details on build process, differences between Arduino IDE build process and cuwire.

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